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Bryan Helfand

Born: 1970, USA

Lives in North County San Diego

Bryan Helfand is a self-taught artist focused on creating original mixed media paintings, wood carvings and murals. His passion for surfing and love of the ocean has influenced his subject matter and molded his unique style. His art is a reflection of what he sees, feels and experiences in and around the ocean. His art revolves around the use of light, color, contrast, texture, depth, energy, balance and flow. He paints with Acrylics on 100% re-purposed wood that incorporates hand-cut 3-D carvings layered with resin. His art has shown in solo and group shows in California, Hawaii and Japan. In 2012 he was commissioned by Facebook to paint a mural inside of their Menlo Park, CA Headquarters. He resides in San Diego's North County.

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